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True Story CD cover Singer: Terror Squad
Album: True Story lyrics

Terror Squad has changed a lot since their last album, considering the death of Big Pun, the dismissal of Cuban Link, and the forgotten-about Triple Seis. Their latest album, True Story, probably won't win any awards for Best Album of the Year, but it's a pretty decent offering from the group.

First off, I really don't understand why nobody seems to like this album. A lot of reviewers say that "Lean Back" is the only good song on here, and I have to disagree. It IS the BEST song on the album though, but there are also some other good songs, like "Streets of NY" and "Thunder In the Air". And while implementing deceased rappers' vaulted rhymes onto tracks is played out, it still works on "Bring `Em Back", where Fat Joe is teamed up with Big Pun and Big L.

There ARE some skippable tracks on here though, like "Terror Era" and the lame "Take Me Home". I'm also wondering if the generic "Yes Dem to Def" was really intended to be on Fat Joe's upcoming album Things of That Nature because he's the only one in that song, and he keeps quoting that album title throughout it.

But that brings me to another point. This album really feels more like a compilation than a group effort, because at no point are all five members in the same song, not even during the chorus (The Firm, anyone?). Oh well, this is still a pretty good album from Terror Squad. It's not the best rap I've heard all year, but it's worth picking up.

This album is nice!
I like Fat Joe for a while!
J.O.S.E. is one of the better cd in my rap album collections!
I think Joey Crack is one of the realest rapper outta NY,
He can walk around the hood without glock but his jewels,
I guess no one got guts to stick him up!
nah'mean? A Real O.G. man!

About this album:

I think some song got some Jay-Z feel, Oops! No!
I better say it's like something from Just Blaze!
Never Gonna Stop Me - I think this song got some Jay-Z feel,
Oops! No!
I better say it's like something from Just Blaze....
what? Not porduce by Just Blaze? I don't believe~
anyway~ Nice opening song! 4/5

Yeah Yeah Yeah - The Hook is quite....foolish,
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah......what the hell?
They better check Usher out, see how to "Yeah" Well.
Anyway, the beat is hot! 4.5/5

Hum Drum - Thanks Joey! After two good song, The 3rd song is still sound nice! 4/5

Lean Back - Wow! It's hotta than Hell Fire! 5/5

Take Me Home - A quite unique sounding commercial song,
Not as terrible pop as Nelly, the beat is still fine!
Just think it's one song from Jigga's Blue Print,
you can get an idea! 5/5

Streets of NY - MM.....The beat sounds quite old school!
Tony Sunshine sings a lot in here,
he's very important for TS,
when TS come with some RnB stuff,
he's a nice RnB singer! Good song! 4.5/5

Bring'em Back - Well, BIG surprise! This song got Two BIG death rapper in same song, Big L and Big Pun! 5/5

Yes Dem To Def - Not good! 2.5/5

Pass Away - Armageddon solo,
with Tony sing the hook and 2pac sample! Okay one! 3.5/5

Let Them Things Go - Some stuff that wanna sounds like The Neptunes, bangin' beat, weird sample, a Trend start by The Neptunes, anyway this one is good! 4/5

Thunder In The Air - alright. 3/5

Terror Era - Just an okay song! 3/5

This album got a good start,
but start from track 8, this album start to turn bad,
just got Let Them things go is good,
some song is skipable after listen few times!

A good album!
If you like Fat Joe!
Go buy it, you'll love it!

I disagree with most of the reviews I've read on this album so far. I got this cd in the summer and I'm still playing it. Sure, "Lean Back" got old kinda fast, but before I heard it played every two seconds I thought it was a hot song. There are other good songs like "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me," "Take Me Home," "Streets of NY" and "Bring 'Em Back" with Big Pun and Big L. To be honest, I can listen to the whole cd through without skipping a song. TS has a sound unlike any other hip hop artists out there. It's a raw NY sound that mixes old styles with new ones and it works. I haven't heard a hip hop album that's impressed me like this one in a long time.

I have no problem with Remy being on a lot of the tracks on the cd. She's a great up and coming female rapper and deserves all the time she has on the record. I heard her in some battles before this and thought she was hot and now that I've heard her on record I think she's even better. She's got lines that'll blow most female rappers out of the water. She's really doing her thing and I've got nothing but respect for her.

All the members of the group are really talented, and it shows on this album. People can hate all they want but I'm loving True Story.

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"True Story" Album Track List - tracklist:
  1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  3. Hum Drum
  4. Lean Back
  5. Take Me Home
  6. Streets of NY
  7. Bring 'Em Back
  8. Yes Dem to Def
  9. Pass Away
  10. Let Them Things Go
  11. Thunder In the Air
  12. Terror Era

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